Balayage is a Compelling Way to Highlight Hair

If you’ve considered this popular technique, you’re not alone. It’s our most requested color service. We will go over what balayage is, but fundamentally, it’s about control and freedom. It’s a hair coloring technique that grants your stylist total control over the intensity and placement of highlights.


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Hair by bellausalon stylist ~Lana

Balayage is About Painting Highlights

Balayage is French word that translates ‘to sweep’. With hair, it’s your stylist sweeping a brush back and forth to paint in highlights. In fact, some refer to the method as hair-painting and the terms are interchangeable.

Why Hair-painting Provides Power

Other coloring methods treat your head as a grid to apply highlights with exacting placement. However, much like painting, balayage is freeform. Your stylist loads their brush up with lightener (paint) to apply lighter pieces where needed. A perfect example is bright, face-framing highlights. Your stylist applies heavy saturation to those pieces to achieve the effect.

Subtle and Sunkissed or Boldly Bright

Most associate this method with blonde highlights. However, it’s an excellent technique for all dimensional looks. Sometimes used for sunkissed highlights so subtle they look painted by the sun, and other times, a bold and dramatic rose-gold ombre. The possibilities are limitless and reinvented every day.

Bronde is the Most Common Look

Bronde or a dimensional mix of brown and blonde is the look you see most often. Bronde is an excellent illustration of balayage seamlessly blending blonde to brown while bringing out the best tones in both.

Balayage for gorgeous client by bellausa

Vivid and Bright Balayage Examples

Rooty balayage for gorgeous client using
Hair by bellausalon stylist ~Lana
Hair by bellausalon stylist ~Lana

How Much Does This Service Typically Cost?

Like all services, it depends on your hair, desires, and stylist. Our starting price is a solid baseline which covers most clients. Cost increasing factors are your hair thickness and desired outcome. Dramatic looks and a lot of hair increase the lightener, color, and time needed. You also need a specialist.

The Best Way to Calculate Cost

Inspiration references, current pictures of your hair, and a consultation will help you and your stylist decide on a price before starting. Our Instagram is a reliable resource for references.

How Long Does This Service Typically Take?

Service times vary wildly depending on your hair and look you want. On average, expect to be in the chair at least three hours. If you’re looking for a pastel rainbow of shining, shimmering, splendid, anticipate longer. However, one upside to the higher service time is lower maintenance visits.

What to Expect with Regrowth Maintenance

One significant benefit is how highlights grow out naturally while avoiding harsh lines sometimes seen with other methods. It goes back to painting. Your stylist paints with heavy saturation at the ends while gradually applying less as they move closer to your root. The result is subtle grow out without noticeable lines to touch-up.

More Time in the Chair, Less Time in the Salon

While you may perceive the initial service a considerable time investment, the grow out permits less overall maintenance and trips to the salon. You can often go three to six months without noticing regrowth. Magic.

Hair by bellausalon stylist ~Lana

Ombre is a Form of Balayage

Don’t worry if these two terms have confused you. It’s common. People often, and incorrectly, use them interchangeably. Ombre is a form of balayage where one color graduates to the next. Most commonly a rooty brown to blonde. Balayage typically is balanced and natural. (Bonus points, a color-melt is the graduation of three or more colors.) So, while all ombre is balayage, not all balayage is ombre.

Learn More About Ombre

Your Best Products for Balayage

This is an expensive service both time-wise and monetarily. You should protect your investment. Color-treated hair requires extra hydration to remain healthy. We carry many -----continued

Specific Balayage Products we Recommend

Exact shampoo and conditioner recommendations depend on your hair. Must-haves products for almost anyone are Save the Day, ------continued 

Talk to a Stylist About Balayage

This method really is painting and requires a trained eye and experienced hands. Bella U Salon stylists are educators in the practice. The technique is worth the time and every penny but can go wrong with inexperience.

Talk to a hair-painting artist today.