Let's Talk About Those Roots Girl

Ugh, roots. Eventually, they begin to show. Depending on how fast your hair grows, roots typically appear two to three weeks following color service. How often to root touch up depends on the difference between your dyed and natural color. Let us talk cost, frequency, ombre comparisons, and the best products for color treated hair.

Root Toch Up 

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When to Get a Root Touch Up

Roots are the first thing you notice with someone’s hair. Harsh contrast naturally draws the eye. Furthermore, nothing ruins perfect blonde highlights like showing roots. If you’re naturally dark but have lightened hair, roots show quicker. Most book root touch ups four to six weeks apart.

It’s About The Ends Too

Color dulls. Especially at the ends. Root and end touch up often go hand in hand. When your stylist touches things up top, sometimes they will refresh your ends too. The combination keeps your color looking new.

See the Same Stylist for Perfect Color 

Seeing the same stylist that did your original color is essential for the perfect touch up. Matching another stylist’s color can be tricky, most notably if the new stylist uses a different color line. For best results and seamless touch up, stick with the stylist who did your initial color.

Balayage for gorgeous client by bellausa

Vivid and Bright Balayage Examples

Rooty balayage for gorgeous client using
Hair by bellausalon stylist ~Lana
Hair by bellausalon stylist ~Lana

How Much Does This Service Typically Cost?

Most services depend on hair thickness, and stylist. Then again, root touch up is easy to predict. Our starting price covers most clients.

How Long Does This Service Typically Take?

Service times vary wildly depending on your hair and look you want. On average, expect to be in the chair at least three hours. If you’re looking for a pastel rainbow of shining, shimmering, splendid, anticipate longer. However, one upside to the higher service time is lower maintenance visits.

Ombre is a Form of Balayage

Don’t worry if these two terms have confused you. It’s common. People often, and incorrectly, use them interchangeably. Ombre is a form of balayage where one color graduates to the next. Most commonly a rooty brown to blonde. Balayage typically is balanced and natural. (Bonus points, a color-melt is the graduation of three or more colors.) So, while all ombre is balayage, not all balayage is ombre.

Learn More About Ombre

Products to Protect Colored Hair

Any form of hair color or touch up demands extra care and hydration. Especially at the root where breakage can happen. We are GOLDWELL, EUFORA  dedicated and carry a focused line of products that hydrate and protect your root.

One Notable Product for Roots

There is one stand-out product when it comes to protecting your root and breakage. Continued... 

Talk to a Stylist About Balayage

Root touch up and coloring matching require you find a stylist in Portland you love and stick with them. Luckily for you, we know just the person. Call the salon, check out our Instagram, or call the salon to consult with a color expert today.