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Getting your hair colored is a fact of life. The tricky part is all the options! Single process, double process, full highlights, partial highlights, balayage, ombre, oh my. Let’s break it down and make it easy. On this page, we will talk cost, maintenance, products, and how single color compares to other options like balayage.


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Changing Your Hair Color is Huge

Coco Chanel classically said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” We get it. It’s a huge deal and applies to color too. Hair is seasonal. It’s common to go short and light in the summer and longer and darker in winter (more recently the opposite is true.)

What Does Single Color Entail?

Single color means bringing your entire head one or more shades lighter or darker. Going darker is easier, but going lighter may require full highlights or similar service. The reason is a color can’t lift another color so if your hair was previously color-treated, the only way to go lighter is with highlights. You can make a significant change in one visit or do it over multiple to maintain optimal hair health while attaining your goal.

Single Process for Subtler Change

Single process is applying color (or toner) over your entire head to lift and/or deposit in a single step. It’s perfect for shifting one or two levels, gray hair, or to reinvigorate life into dull color.

Double Process for Significant Shifts

Double process is any two color methods in one session. The first process step is lifting/bleaching your hair. The second is adding pigment back. We can do this several ways: single color all over, full highlights, and balayage to name a few.

Let’s Break it Down

Say you’re a level six blonde and want to be level two dark brown. Your hair has underlying pigments we fill with warmth before applying ash, achieving dark brown without brass. That’s double process.


Single Color Shades Examples

short brown hair
Dark Hair Beauty
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Hair Model

How Much Does This Service Cost?

All service costs including single color depend on your hair, request, and stylist. You can check our starting prices as a reliable baseline for most clients. One factor with single color is your hair thickness. The more hair, the more product, the more time which increases cost.

The Best Way to Figure Out Cost

Gather pictures of your current hair, some inspiration references of what you’d like to achieve and show your stylist to get a good idea of the cost before you start. Our Instagram is a fabulous place for references.

Junior $60+   

Senior $75+ 

Master $90+ 

Master Colorist $110+

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How Long Does This Service Typically Take?

Service times vary wildly depending on your hair and look you want. On average, expect to be in the chair at least two hours. If you’re looking for a pastel rainbow of shining, shimmering, splendid, anticipate longer. However, one upside to the higher service time is lower maintenance visits.

Maintenance Requires Root Touch Up

Applying a single color all over up to your root will require touch up maintenance. How often you visit your stylist depends on how fast your hair grows. Typically, roots begin to show after two to three weeks. Schedule a root touch up every four to six weeks to remain flawless.

Color Over Gray Hair

If you’re looking to cover pesky gray, this service is the recommended solution. The same four to six-week touch-up schedule applies. Another option to make this service last longer is Bb. Color Sticks. Bb. Color Sticks come in all shades and offer instant gray touch-up. These dry fiber sticks apply easy and wash out with your next shampoo.


Comparing Single Color to Balayage

Single color is just that, one color over the entirety of your head. Super simple and subtle. However, there are subtle options with the ability to breathe dimension into your hair. Balayage is a color method typically done with a brush where we paint in highlights. With balayage, we apply highlights so subtle and natural they look painted by the sun. Another positive to balayage is we can fade the highlights as they approach your root, so grow-out is natural and requires far less maintenance. Balayage is a bit more expensive to start but will save you time and money in maintenance.

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Your Best Products for Color Treated Hair

This is an expensive service both time-wise and monetarily. You should protect your investment. Color-treated hair requires extra hydration to remain healthy. We carry many -----continued

Specific Color-Treated hairProducts we Recommend

Exact shampoo and conditioner recommendations depend on your hair. Must-haves products for almost anyone are Save the Day, ------continued 

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